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An ancient tool used as a guide to self-mastery, astrology has been around for centuries and is the foundation of many other modalities of esoteric knowledge and self-understanding. Yulinda uses astrology as the bases of the experience. Her review of the chart is extensive, thorough, and often full of unexpected "Intuitive hits."

The information is also compiled into an individual "Star Guide" spanning roughly 20 pages for further reference and study.


Yulinda Renee uses tarot as a divination tool to add another layer of information to an already extremely insightful review.

They provide an opportunity to get deeper and more precise information on areas of focus or specific questions. This part of the experience is done via video, so the entire process may be viewed from the shuffle to the card pull to the interpretation.


With a professional background as a Trauma Trained Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Yulinda Renee analyzes the birth chart via the lens of a clinician. This allows for an in-depth look at potential traumas and triggers that may be creating obstacles to alignment while providing data that increases clarity and self-awareness.

Psychic Channeling

Yulinda Renee has been blessed with the gifts of claircognizance (clear knowing) and mediumship. With these gifts, she receives downloads, messages, and insights from Source, her spiritual committee, and the guides and loved ones of those she works with, using that information to provide additional clarity, understanding, and opportunities for healing and transmutation.

Words from Yulinda Renee

I see you. I hear you. I understand.

My work aligns your life with your purpose and unlocks your path to abundance.

This is one of my assignments this lifetime, and I take it very seriously. My insight and guidance shift consciousness and unravels deep levels of truth and self-understanding within you.

The epiphanies and "ahhas" that come with an Astarology for Self-Mastery Experience are life-changing. However, this level of enlightenment can be overwhelming for some, which is why I offer three different forms of transmission.

*Audio of your birth-chart review that runs approximately 75 mins and a video of your tarot card pull which runs another 30 mins, all for you to listen to, digest, and allow inspired curiosity and connection for our follow-up live session.

*120-minute live session to hold space for any questions and to take a deeper dive into highlighted areas of focus

*A personalized Star Guide of your unique placements, individualized advice, areas of growth, as well as your strengths, all for your reference.

The entire experience is $1997.

Why would you want this? You might not.

Self-Mastery as the pathway to prosperity is not for everyone, and when I say prosperity I'm not just talking about money, I'm referring to your LIFE!

Leaning into wounds, holding space for various versions of yourself, evaluating your relationships, taking radical responsibility and accountability for your current existence, receiving confirmation that YES, there is a calling on your life and that abundance in every sense of the word can be yours, may be a lot to take in and possibly too much, and that is okay.

If this is not your time and you are not in the space for this level of awareness, I honor your truth and wish you well as you continue along your path.

If this IS for you, I invite you to be seen as you have never been seen before...


The As.Tar.Ology experience with Yulinda Renee is unlike any other. She has the background of a clinical therapist as well as a deeply studied knowledge of astrology and tarot reading. She also serves as an open channel to higher spirits. This is unlike anything else anywhere. In my reading, she covered things in my psychological space, tied it to my astrological chart, and served as an accurate channel for my late sister to come thru to communicate with me and the tarot reading confirmed the entire session. The experience helped me fine-tune my alignment with my purpose, trust in myself, and tap deeper into my own intuition. I will be doing this type of reading ongoingly.

Linda E.

Before working with Yulinda I was in a hopeless state and tired of being there, but I couldn’t find any spark of hope in myself or my future. With one extensive experience, Yulinda's intuition truly read me and brought a spark of hope back. Her reading showed honor and understanding to the pain I currently felt, but it reminded me of the power within me. Through my complete birth chart, I saw the purpose for my life again and was reassured that the dark place I was in was only a moment in time on my life journey that I could draw from to regain my peaceful, joyous purpose. With this new spark, I decided to join her group coaching program. Through this supportive group, my spark turned to a fire that ignited me back on my path. I am forever grateful to Yulinda; if you work with her, you will be too.


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This is a very energetically demanding process that requires deep focus to deliver such an individually cultivated experience which is why I limit this offer to five souls a month.

I do not take my assignment lightly and give gratitude to those that honor me with the privilege of being a Guide along your journey.

With that being said, fill out the form below, claim your spot and let's do WORK!

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